5th & Park Damson Gin

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5th & Park Damson Gin

Made with locally grown damsons.

Sampling new botanical combinations and cocktail recipes is a difficult but necessary part of the job; yes it is a sacrifice, but one we are willing to make for our customers. The newest member of our gin family is being released this month. It is a limited batch of Damson Gin (the feisty little sister of sloe gin).

Aptly named 5th & Park, our Damson Gin is truly a local gin, because the damsons were grown in Fernie gardens, including that of Sam & Bunny Samuelson, and Roger Haines.

We love gin. Luckily we are in the right business where our love of gin is, obviously, purely professional. We feel there is (nearly) always a time and a place for gin, so we would like to share our favourite very valid reasons for indulging in a tasty tipple:

1. It’s sunny.

What better way to celebrate the sunshine than by mixing a refreshing beverage to sip in the back yard with friends.

How to drink it?

Keep it simple by topping up 50ml of 5th & Park with champagne or prosecco, and pop a few fresh raspberries in the glass to complement the gin’s rich fruity flavour.

2. It’s raining.

Oh no! Better cheer ourselves up with an impromptu cocktail while the spring melt continues.

How to drink it?

Our 5th & Park Gin is so smooth that it is delicious to sip on its own, with notes of fruit pudding, plum jam and an almond aftertaste.

3. It’s snowing.

May is unpredictable. Lament the snow weighted spring flowers by taking off the chill inside.

How to drink it?

Infuse apple juice in a saucepan with rich wintery flavours like cinnamon, orange peel and ginger. When it is warmed through, mix with a generous slug of 5th & Park gin in your favourite mug and voila`!

Tempting gin recipes for every season? Being a local gin crafted from local produce, our batch is limited so you’ll have to act fast to get your bottle. Pop down to the store at 531 1st Ave to have a chat with us, or let Andy mix you up a Damson masterpiece at the bar, we look forward to welcoming you!

Jillian Rutherford