Product development

The challenge all new distilleries face is to create product that can uniquely identify the brand without breaking the bank straight out of the gate.  

When the idea was forming to establish Fernie Distillers we spent a lot of time visiting distilleries and discovering how they chose to distinguish themselves. Some of our favourite products have been the ones that are from distilleries we spent time with as part of our research and training.  Shout out to Josh and Jenn at Monashee Spirits in Revelstoke as well as James and Richard at Sons of Vancouver in North Van!

Yes, our R&D process involved much discussion, travels and lots and lots of tasting. 

No. 9 Mine Vodka is a product of this process.  Smooth with a touch of sweetness from the soft white wheat and a great mouth feel.  It mixes well with all the usual suspects but a vodka enthusiast will like to sip it neat or on ice.  Made with quality local grain we are glad to support our Kootenay community.

We enjoy the spirits, but also a good cup of tea.  A personal favourite is Earl Grey and we have been enjoying London Fogs for many years for an occasional treat at coffee shops all over the place.  If you haven’t tried one you should. While we were toying around with different ideas and learning about infusions, it occurred to us that recreating the flavour profile of a London Fog would make a nice liqueur. The aromas and tastes felt like they should work and the fact that we didn’t know of anyone in BC creating a main product involving tea led to some delicious experimenting.  

The goal was to have the black tea and bergamot blend just right with the sugars and vanilla so the characteristics of each weren’t lost or overpowering.  It took a lot of trial and error but we have ended up with a very well-rounded liqueur we hope you will enjoy.

We are going to take our time and develop our gin recipe with slow deliberation after we open. Gin can be tricky with so many different botanicals possible.  Figuring out how they interplay with each other is a moving target especially as you try to scale up a recipe. Watch this space for news of our gin launch as soon as it’s ready.

In other news, some of you may have seen our family foraging during the bumper berry season this year.  The abundance of wild berries and tree fruits gave us lots of inspiration and we will be working on a seasonal infusion this summer. 

Fernie Distillers No 9 Mine Vodka.jpg