Finding a home

Finding a building for Fernie Distillers was something of a challenge. Before starting the licensing process to produce distilled products, you need to have your location and zoning approved already. These important steps must be accomplished before you can legally start product testing so it’s not to be taken lightly and selecting the right location for our business was critical.

We looked on the highway, off the highway, in the Annex, downtown and uptown at buildings that had been homes, bakeries, ski rental places, restaurants and auto service shops. 

Despite the limited options fitting our business plan, we decided that we really wanted to be downtown and close to all of the community events. We settled on a location to lease and “Plan A” was conceived. Or was it...

A chance encounter at the weekly meat draw (Saturdays at 4pm) resulted in The Fernie Legion casually suggesting that perhaps their hall should be Plan A and the other location (current Plan A) should be Plan B. This piqued our interest so we reassessed and gave some thought to how it could work because the location and space at The Legion had a lot of potential.

We had a few more discussions with our friends at The Legion and it really seemed like the right thing to do.  

It was refreshing to deal with such kind, trusting and supportive folks and The Legion allowed us to start the application process for zoning changes on a handshake and showed up to City Hall to support us! We had a new advocate and The Legion had a new supporter.

Following our zoning application approval we embarked on the long process of purchasing the Hall with the Legion members voting to allow the sale. Fast forward to April 28, 2017 and the building was ours!

Now the real hard work begins…